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Evolution of the environment and macrotrends

The era of digitalisation has opened up a huge opportunity for growth for telecommunications operators, who are at the epicentre of the technological revolution. Telefónica's vision: that our customers fully enjoy connectivity. However, achieving this success requires significant transformation.

Every day the world is more global, open and digital, as are the lives of the people in it. The main drivers of this productive and social revolution are the growth in connectivity and the talent of millions of people being applied to technology. Despite their magnitude, these changes have only just begun. In the next decade, connectivity will even further increase its relevance, as it will form part of all solutions to new challenges.

We are seeing three main mutually dependent trends: more mobility, more bandwidth, and more cloud services. These tendencies open the way to new waves of technology. The Internet of Things is the connection between the digital world and the real world. Estimations anticipate more than 50,000 million devices connected to networks by 2020. So many connected sensors will generate enormous volumes of data, which will have to be transferred and processed in order to produce knowledge and actions. Big Data is the discipline dedicated to mass data and will change, for example, the way we manage homes, traffic, and industrial production.

In the same way it could be said that digitisation is in a process of change, passing from 'bits' to 'atoms', where new advances such as nanotechnology, robotics or 3D printing are boosting the growth opportunities for operators who are coordinating local presence with digital capabilities. 

Connectivity and future challenges

  • Greater life expectancy​ 

eHealth, robotics, entertainment and social communication.

  • Individual growth​

Teletraining, privacy and security of networks.

  • The empowering nature of ICT​

Ubiquitous, powerful, accessible connectivity.

(Sources: KPMG Future State 2030 and Telefónica)

  • Interconnected economy          

Global opportunities and new solutions (Cloud, M2M, Big Data) .

  • The importance of public finance

Digital efficiency of public administrations and transparency.

  • Emerging economies

Social mobility and a narrowing of the digital divide.

(Sources: KPMG Future State 2030 and Telefónica) 

  • Climate change     

Sensors and analysis. Reduction in transport and consumption.

  • Pressure on resources

Monitoring and administration for sustainable management.

  • Urbanisation

Smart Cities, M2M.

(Sources: KPMG Future State 2030 and Telefónica)