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Vision of the business model and strategy

At Telefónica we had already defined our vision of a Digital Telco in 2011. Our combination of connectivity and digital services has made us a benchmark in innovation and operating models.

At Telefónica we have defined the concept of a Digital Telco to encapsulate all the efforts we are making in this direction. We are motivated by the objective of our customers accessing and enjoying the best that technology can offer.

The next challenge is to monetise all of this innovative effort through a service proposal that is convincing for customers. The role of Telefónica is already key to the digital development of the societies and economies in which we are present. We believe that there is a long way to go in the development of the connectivity business which, currently, presents significant barriers as it is capital intense, and by its nature tends to trigger inexhaustible new lines of discovery. Our business model will be more robust, sustainable and profitable as our services become a critical mission for our customers.

Our strategy means bringing into play our capabilities, directing them towards the customer and continuing the transformation in order to further strengthen and capitalise on our positioning in the new value chain. Starting from a position of leadership in connectivity in terms of technology and as a way of relating to our customers, Telefónica aspires to being a benchmark in the sector at this technological and competitive turning point. This strategy is focused on four key concepts:


Digital technology for people and for businesses