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For society: the planet and the community

At Telefónica we understand corporate sustainability as a business focus which strives towards the long-term creation of value for shareholders by taking advantage of opportunities and effectively managing risks inherent to economic, environmental and social development.

The Telefónica sustainability strategy is embedded within the entire business model, as it is a source of competitiveness and progress due to its capacity to create value from all non-financial capital in the Company: in the markets because it reduces the risk premium; for the customers because it increases the value of the brand and its differentiation; for employee loyalty levels because it guarantees a stable Company project; and for society, strengthening the legitimacy to operate and allowing sustainable development of the communities where we are present, from which we obtain our resources and generate our revenue.

Sustainability Management at Telefónica

Our vision is for technology to be within everybody's reach, so that we can do more, live better and be more. This means that the Company has resolved to contribute towards ensuring that the use of technology and technological innovation has a positive impact on the development of society, well-being, communication, accessibility and the protection of the environment.    

Our customers want simpler, quality products that make their lives easier; and above all else they value our transparency and integrity in our dealings with them. They also value the innovation and security that we offer through the services we provide, as well as the way we collect and handle their personal data. Our investors demand that we follow a sustainability policy which guarantees our long-term profitability. And, finally, the societies in which we operate ask that we not only act as a responsible company, but also that we make a contribution towards the social and economic development in the communities we are part of.

In order to respond to our main stakeholders' expectations in matters of CSR, the objectives of economic, social, and environmental sustainability are being continually incorporated into the Company's business objectives and processes.

Líneas de avance en 2014

Economic impact​

We have developed a set of Business Principles in matters of tax compliance based on which we promise to act with the greatest transparency in the management of fiscal affairs. These principles are public and can be seen on our website.

In relation to the code of ethics, in 2014 we developed a compulsory online course for all employees, which in only seven months has reached 42.5% of the workforce.

With respect to our supply chain, Telefónica maintains its firm commitment to support local suppliers, which meant that in 2014, 85% of purchases were allocated to local suppliers. In the coming years we are committed to extending implementation of the EcoVadis evaluation process in the supply chain across all our subsidiaries in Latin America.

Finally, in matters of privacy, the Telefónica Privacy Policy, approved by the Board of Directors, has established the basis for action which must be followed by Group companies in the protection of privacy for all those who entrust us with their data through the use of our products and services. As part of its privacy and freedom of expression policy, in 2015 Telefónica is working on improvements to the mechanisms of communication with its stakeholders.

Social impact​

In 2014, the attainment of the occupational health and safety certificate in accordance with OHSAS 18001 standards for all 36 companies in Spain stood out. Likewise, our backing of youth employment has been demonstrated by hiring 9,047 people under 30 years of age throughout the Group, 3.5% more than in 2013.

In relation to good use of the Internet by children, in 2014 we launched,through Movistar, the Digital Family portal, which establishes good practices and allows parents and teachers to exchange experiences. In 2015 we put forward the challenge of making the Digital Family portal the benchmark portal within the Spanish-speaking world.

Lastly, we should point out the sustainable innovation projects developed by the Group, such as the Ability Challenge, developed by Telefónica Open Future to find innovation projects for accessibility.

Environmental impact​

Last year we remained within the Top 5 leading companies in the sector, with a rating of 98 poins in the Carbon Disclosure Project.

We developed the Global Efficiency Plan to reduce our energy costs by 50 million euros by 2017. These 50 million imply a reduction of 350 GWh in our energy consumption and the prevention of the emission of 100,000 tonnes of CO2.

Telefónica is contributing towards the circular economy with the recycling or reuse of 99% of waste from its networks and customers.

All the information regarding the advances in matters of Sustainability during 2014 can be found in the Sustainability Report which complements this Report.