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With operations in 17 countries and 341 million accesses, Telefónica, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world by capital stock, continues its transformation into a Digital Telco thanks to the best networks and an innovative offer of digital services.

Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world in terms of capital stock and number of clients. Supported by the best fixed, mobile and broadband networks, as well as by an innovative offer of digital services, the Company is becoming a Digital Telco, which puts it in a very favourable position to be able to satisfy the needs of its customers and capture growth in new revenues.

With our headquarters in Madrid, we operate in 17 countries and, with a customer base of 341 million accesses, have a strong presence in Spain, Europe and Latin America, where most of our growth strategy is centred.

Our profile is one of the most international in the sector, with over 76% of business generated outside the domestic market. Movistar (for Spain and Latin America, except Brazil), Vivo (in Brazil) and O2 (in the United Kingdom and Germany) are the main brands under which the commercial offer is structured. 

Telefónica is a wholly private company which has 1.3 million direct shareholders and is listed on the continuous market of the Spanish Stock Exchange, as well as on the London, New York, Lima and Buenos Aires Stock Exchanges.

The list of companies that form the Telefónica Group, their description, main corporate purpose, country, share capital, percentage of effective participation of the Telefónica Group and the company or companies through which participation in the Group is obtained can be seen in Annex VI of the Report on Financial Studies that can be found on the corporate website.

In this document, Telefónica presents its Report on Corporate Sustainability for the 2014 fiscal year, where economic, environmental and social advances achieved during this period are listed, as well as advances in human rights, anti-corruption and diversity management. The content herein is supplemented with the Company Sustainability information that is periodically updated on the website, as well as with the Integrated Annual Report, the Corporate Governance and Compensation Report, and the Consolidated Statement of Annual Accounts and the corresponding Management Report for the period. These documents are linked to this Report for easier access.

Telefónica publishes this Report annually and presents it in every General Shareholders' Meeting.

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