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Good use of the Internet by children

At Telefónica, we are aware of the importance that access to and learning about new technologies have for future generations. Therefore, we are striving to create a favourable, educational and safe environment which will enable the youngest users to develop in the best way possible.

Everybody is aware of children's familiarity with new technology. They are the clearest example of how the way we live, interact, work, share and even learn has changed. At Telefónica, we are very aware of this transformation. Therefore, for our Company it is essential to provide children with responsible access to digital services, and we focus our attention on what we consider to be the key aspects:


We are implementing a regulation to promote good use of the Internet by children and teenagers. This document is based on Company strategy and is in line with the commitments we have made as a result of the different sectoral agreements that we have reached, and it includes the following objectives: to implement reporting mechanisms for potentially illegal content and fight against the illegal content on the Internet, in particular against images of sexual abuse of children, in collaboration with State Law Enforcement and Security Forces; to develop privacy policies consistent with the age of the users of our services; provide parental controls for all types of Internet access and connected devices; to introduce mechanisms for controlling access to adult content in our services and provide training and resources to help parents ensure that their children get maximum benefit from the Internet while preventing inappropriate usage. 

Children between 11 and 14 years old







More information: 'Minors and Mobile Connectivity in Spain: Tablets and Smartphones' (Protect them).

Products and Services

New technology is, in turn, the best tool to help parents ensure that their children make good use of new technologies. At Telefónica we are aware of this, and that is why we have concentrated our efforts, over many years, on the development of parental controls. These are fundamental for checking content accessed online and also for ensuring responsible Internet usage. In addition, they allow the measurement of connection times, calls, text messages, browsing history and a long list of features which will allow children to safely enjoy the services we offer.

Digital Skills Training

At Telefónica, we have developed Talentum Schools, an initiative that seeks to promote digital vocations in young children. It is carried out through courses which take place in Company shops. These courses are designed to teach children the basic principles of technology in a fun way.

The children study coding, app development, robotics, augmented reality and so on; they learn basic programming concepts, without realising it, by playing games; they are able to create and modify programs in order to design comics, cartoons, interactive games and so on; they even design small apps which can then be tested on a tablet or smartphone. 

There is nothing better than a story to transmit best online practice to young ones. That is what we do through the Digipato interactive story. This friendly duck helps us to provide children with the necessary resources to enable them to understand the need to respect others on the Internet and, above all, to learn not to do anything in their online life that they would not do in their 'offline' life.

We also focus on teenagers, and have set up a specific workshop for them in collaboration with the Images, Words and Ideas Group of the Universidad de Alcalá*. The aim in this case is to look for strategies to make youths active producers of the messages that are sent by the digital media. 

 * DigitalKids.

Alliances and Self-regulation

Ensuring safe browsing online is a task that no one can address on their own. At Telefónica, we are aware that to ensure that minors take full advantage of new technology with maximum safety guarantees, the following are needed:

  • Strategic allies in civil society. In particular, we collaborate nationally with Inhope (an agency that manages hotlines for reporting child sexual abuse), Insafe (the European network which promotes a safe Internet), Pantallas Amigas, Red Papaz, Childnet, FSM, ASI, RCPI, and other non-governmental organisations whose objectives are in line with Telefónica's. 
  • Collaboration with State Law Enforcement and Security Forces to combat illegal online content.
  • Sectoral alliances. Currently we are working with ITU, ETNO, IGF and with the following entities:
    • CEO Coalition for a Better Internet for Children (CEO Coalition)​
      In January 2014, the CEO Coalition, which was launched by the European Commission in December 2011, was concluded. Telefónica submitted its findings in a document that laid out its commitments for the future, with continuity through other alliances within the industry, such as the ICT Coalition.
    • ICT Coalition 
      This coalition was launched in January 2012, when nearly 30 companies committed to developing products and services and promoting education which ensures better use of digital services by children. In the first half of 2014, a report audited by an independent expert was submitted.