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Environmental strategy

Telefónica is working on a common strategy throughout the Group which aims to reduce the impact of our activity, while at the same time providing solutions to the environmental challenges of our times using digital technology.

At Telefónica we approach the management of our environmental sustainability on three levels:

This year, it is worth pointing out the efforts our operations teams have made in the application of energy efficiency projects, which have led to a significant reduction in our consumption and emissions. 

According to our forecasts, this reduction will be accelerated in the coming years with sufficient impetus to meet the emission reduction objectives set for 2015, together with the cost reductions we must achieve by 2017.

With respect to our global environmental management, we have laid the basis for extending best practices throughout all the companies in the Group, and we shall continue to work on this in 2015 and 2016, with the aim of making implementation more widespread. 

An example of this policy is the intensive work we have carried out this year with the recycling programmes, which are being implemented in almost every country in which we operate, and which have allowed us to considerably increase the number of tonnes of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) that is recycled. 

Based on our materiality analysis, the environmental issues which have most impact on our activity and on that of our public and which, therefore, must be highlighted in this report, are: