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Connectivity at our customers' service

At Telefónica we know that connectivity is at the centre of consumers' digital experience. This is why we aim to provide the best digital solutions, so that they can get more out of it.

The growing importance of the cloud as a centre of operations and connections between terminals and services has presented a great opportunity for our Company. It enables us to provide omnipresent connectivity, and, at the same time, offer ICT and video service packages. Our objectives in this area are: 

  • To be a trusted partner for our customers in this new digital era, for both individuals and companies.
  • To generate a sustainable growth in revenue for Telefónica in the short, medium and long term. To this end, we are promoting initiatives in five key areas for Telefónica:
    • Residential consumers: connectivity and new digital services.
    • Video services.
    • Communication services and new digital services for companies: corporations, SMEs, multinationals and public administrations.
    • New Communication and Innovation Services. Our commitment to innovation is aimed at positioning our Company and our customers at the forefront of the next generation of communication and digital services.
    • We aim to get to know our customers better so that we can provide them with a service which is increasingly customised and differentiated.

Residential consumers
Our approach

Priorities for the global company