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Customer satisfaction

Our aim is to always give our users the best digital offer: an experience based on constant connectivity and a network of products, services and solutions that maintain our position as leader in many of the countries where we operate.

At Telefónica we focus on providing users with the best experience. We work with top-level partners and collaborators to build a work ecosystem that allows us to develop the best digital offer, ensures security and, at the same time, helps improve the environment and experience for customers.

Our objectives are the following:

In 2014, the total number of accesses grew by 6% to 341 million. This increase was made possible through the incorporation of E-Plus to Telefónica Deutschland, as well as by the solid growth of Telefónica in Latin America, Brazil and the United Kingdom. Excluding the E-Plus accesses from the 2014 base and the Telefónica Czech Republic and Telefónica Ireland accesses from the 2013 base, the organic growth was 2%.

Mobile accesses grew to 274.5 million and increased by 8% on 2013, 2% in organic terms, supported by the strong growth of mobile contracts. The strong growth rate of smartphones, which reached 90.4 million, 39% more than in the previous year, stands out. The total penetration of these intelligent devices has increased by eight percentage points in the last year, accounting for 35% of total accesses. This data reflects the success of the Telefónica strategy, focused on the growth of data services.

Retail broadband accesses reached 17.7 million, a year-on-year organic increase of 1%. Fibre accesses to December 2014 were 1.8 million (2.1 times those in December 2013).

Pay TV accesses reached 5.1 million and registered an annual organic net income of 1.6 million accesses (over 6 times more than the previous year).

Satisfied costumers

To measure our customers' satisfaction, we use the CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index), an indicator that is periodically reported to the Board of Directors.

Moreover, the Company has a specific committee of the Board of Directors which is dedicated to Service Quality and Customer Service. This committee meets quarterly to strengthen the Group's focus on customers.

In 2014, the CSI achieved a score of 7.09 out of 10, slightly below the score achieved in 2013 (7.14 out of 10), due to the shift in Germany (-0.19) and Brazil (-0.21), offset by the improved performance of Spain (+0.08) and the United Kingdom (+0.04).

Latin America remained stable due to the good progress of Chile, Peru and Venezuela counterbalancing the performances of Argentina, Ecuador and Uruguay. 

In Spain, the Association of Internet Users (AI) has placed Movistar as the fixed access market leader with 8.08 points: 1.32 points more than Telecable, ranked second with 6.76 points. Next were Ono (6.67), Euskaltel (6.65), Orange (6.44), Vodafone (6.36), R (6.14) and Jazztel (6.11 points).

The parameters in which Telefónica España achieves a higher score from AI are those of fixed broadband quality and the convergence offer.



The Telecommunications Customer Care Office (OAUTEL, by its Spanish acronym) recorded a rate of 0.31 complaints per 10,000 customers, far below the rest of the competitors in Spain, according to one study by the Association of Internet Users.

Outside Spain, the main efforts to improve customer service have been in Brazil.

Thanks to this effort, in 2014, the contact rate was reduced and resolution during the initial contact has increased. This has produced very positive results in reducing the demand for enquiries and complaints in our Headquarters. We are also leaders in the index of solved support in the telecommunications sector in the ranking published by Procon-SP Capital Foundation, with 90.9% resolutions. Furthermore, Vivo has the highest position in relation to the Care Performance Index (IDA) among the four main national players in mobile operations (SMP). The Company has been ahead of the other competitors in 66 of the 67 months of measurement, with data until June 2014, the latest month of the indicator published by the Regulatory Agency (ANATEL).