Large customers

We cement our relationships with the companies we work with upon the pillars of competitiveness and transparency. In order to respond to their development needs, Telefónica Business Solutions makes our most innovative technology available to them.

Sustainability in relationships with large customers is an important factor for Telefónica. A successful relationship with the companies that we work with allows us to lay a foundation for long-term progress based on competitiveness and transparency that can ultimately be translated into benefits and revenue.

Therefore, in the Company we have developed Telefónica Business Solutions in response to the needs of the large companies that we deal with. Through Telefónica Business Solutions, we promote new opportunities at a local and international level for companies that wish to expand at the same rate as the world extends its borders. Moreover, we make our most innovative technology available to them, such as the fibre network, which is present in over 40 countries and offers direct connectivity between Latin America, USA, Europe and Asia.

Management of relationships with large customers is based on the development of good practices and operational improvements based on international data security standards, the protection of personal information, management of data associated with financial transactions, quality and the preservation of a telecommunications ecosystem that is secure from end-to-end. Accordingly, in the area of network security, we have a team of professionals that ensures Telefónica's commitment to quality, loyalty and responsibility, and an internal security team, CSIRT (Computer Security Incidence Response Team), dedicated to guaranteeing the protection of the Telefónica international network and its services, which gives an adequate response to any incident of security, abuse or fraud.

The services offered by Telefónica Business Solutions focus on roaming companies and wholesalers on a global level within the Telefónica Group. This formula helps companies, carriers, ISPs and content providers to keep their business operational anywhere, regardless of their location.

In addition, we have developed a working methodology called Telefónica PMI(1), which is a proposal that defines a common service model based on international standards, with which the roles and responsibilities of the people involved in the service are clearly set and are accepted and known throughout the Company. The aim of this project culture is to have a more efficient cost, to improve profit margins, increase sales and significantly shorten service delivery times.

With the PMI(1) we attempt to inspire and support, as well as coordinate, a number of rules and formulae, in order to boost the competitiveness and creativity of those managing the service for a customer, focusing on achieving their satisfaction and ensuring the maximum value of the entire portfolio of projects through an efficient use of resources. Essentially, we try to create a common philosophy across the entire Company regarding the treatment of customers, ensuring that the methodology is a vital element in achieving the success of a project.

We can measure the result of the customer satisfaction index among large companies in the relevant markets, which are shown in the table below.

(1). Project Management Institute.

Advances in 2014

In 2014, the Telefónica Business Solutions network received Tier-1 recognition with the end-to-end management of global communications. This international network is interconnected with the main Internet operators and transports over 4.5 Tbps of traffic. It supports the transit of over 20,000 million international voice minutes each year and has more than 300 direct routes with international operators. Furthermore, it has over 200 agreements with local, mobile and integrated operators.

Its Sam-1 cable, which is over 24,000 km long, encircles the South American continent and is owned by Telefónica. It also owns the fast and ultramodern 6000 km-long submarine PCCS (Pacific Caribbean Cable System) cable, which significantly improves connectivity in Latin America.

On top of this, our commitment for 2015 is to transfer the methodology and working mecanisms to all the companies we work with, be they large customers or SMEs.


During the year two events aimed at large customers were organised with the goals of increasing relationships of commitment and bringing our solutions closer to their needs: Telefónica Leadership Conference and Quality Week.

Leadership Conference for large customers

Telefónica Leadership Conference is an annual event aimed at customers. The 2014 conference carried the slogan: "Innovating in a digital world" and was attended by over 650 executives from 20 countries in four continents, representing 300 companies.

The aim of this annual gathering is to learn and strengthen relationships of commitment through a working system of plenary sessions, meetings, interactive panels and private networks.

At last year's Leadership Conference, Bill Clinton, president of the United States from 1993 to 2001, was interviewed via high definition satellite. Clinton shared with the audience his personal opinion on education, globalisation and leadership, and thanked Telefónica for their work in Latin America promoting digital inclusion.

Quality Week

In November 2014, we organised the Quality Week at Telefónica. The aim of the event was to convey the importance of quality in the daily work of the Company. For this, we created an ambitious programme of talks given by expert speakers on the topic, as well as various workshops.

Our large customers also played a main role, as another aim of this event was to strengthen our commitment to them. Their testimonials served to help us reflect on our opportunities for improvement and to highlight what our strengths are as one of their main partners.

During that week, we asked ourselves: "What can we do to make our customers' experience unique?", "How can we leave a mark of quality on everything we do?" and, above all, "What do our customers perceive?".