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Diversity management

Heterogeneity of our workers stimulates innovation and creativity, as well as offering a true reflection of the composition of our customers. Managing this diversity helps us offer products and services that satisfy, to a high standard, the needs of the whole world.

"We promote equal opportunities and treat everyone fairly and impartially, regardless of race, colour nationality, ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability or family responsibilities". This is the fundamental right to equality as laid out in our Business Principles.

And it is on these bases that we manage the diversity at Telefónica. It is a diversity that dominates our organisation, as we have employees in more than 21 countries (three of which are represented on the Board of Directors), operations in 17 and 101 different nationalities represented across our workforce. This professional and cultural richness gives our Company a competitive advantage, as it facilitates our relationship with all our customers and helps us to offer products and services that satisfy their needs, to a very high standard, while at the same time positively impacting our revenue.


To create a sustainable and diverse workforce we must approach this challenge from different angles, at the same time as effectively driving cultural change within the Company. Heterogeneity of our workers also promotes innovation and creativity, and is the most reliable reflection of our customers. For this reason, at Telefónica we have developed a strategy in which diversity and inclusion are adapted to our business vision. This strategy is based on three pillars:

  • Discover. Diversity is an added value. Diversity among our workers brings us a competitive advantage in terms of discovering the needs of our customers and responding to them.
  • Disrupt. Diversity among our workers increases our innovative capacity. The perspectives and ways of thinking of workers from diverse origins help us to achieve positive changes in our organisation and working methods. We attract, recruit and retain diverse talent with different ideas that help us create new products, services and markets, and expand existing ones.
  • Deliver. The fundamental factor for success is not merely the presence of diversity, but know how to translate the differences in the service that exist into excellence in business results. At Telefónica we transmit this need to our managers and offer them all our support for the creation and management of a diverse workforce on all levels.


Number of nationalities in the Company




In the workforce 105 101
On the Board of Directors 3 3