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Work environment, conciliation and commitment

Aligning expectations and recognising problems are the keys to keeping our professionals motivated, which, in turn, is essential in order to offer a high level of commitment and an excellent service to our customers.

The training and development of our professionals is framed within a cycle that begins with the setting of targets, continues with an evaluation of the performance and ends with the design of a personalised development plan. 

Environment and Commitment Survey 2014

At the end of 2014, we once again issued the Environment and Commitment Survey, one of the most important tools that we have for learning the opinions of all our employees on different aspects of the organisation. The results obtained have allowed us to identify and launch possible routes towards improvement in each of the areas that make up the Company.

This most recent Environment and Commitment Survey was performed by 80,940 employees, which accounts for 77% of the workforce, one point fewer than the consultation undertaken the previous year.

The 2014 Global Environment and Commitment Index which is uniformly applied to the Group - has remained high at 79 points out of 100, one more than in the previous year. It should be noted that the strongest aspects are:

With these results an analysis was performed following the Employee Effectiveness Framework (EEF) model, which combines two variables: commitment and organisational support.

This enables a study to be carried out on a departmental level and specific measures to be implemented for improvement in these two aspects, focusing on each variable according to the result obtained in that area, in order to increase employee satisfaction.

At Telefónica we know that the real benefits of performing environment and commitment surveys are produced when employee feedback translates into effective action.

Summary of results of the Global Survey on the Work Environment

(1). The significant operating locations correspond to the core business units as defined as core in the chapter 'Structure and scope of consolidation'.


Results obtained by aspect 

From 0 to 100 points





Pride of belonging 88 87 88
Leadership of direct manager 82 82 83
Focus on the customer 82 80 82
Daily work 79 79 80
Professional development 75 73 75
Leadership of management 69 67 70
Company reputation - - 85

External recognition

  • ​'Great Place to Work'

In 2014 Telefónica again occupied notable positions on the lists of the best places to work, which are produced by the Great Place to Work® (GPTW) institute, an international benchmark with over 25 years' experience in the analysis and assessment of workplaces. In preparing its rankings, the institute performs surveys of the work environment among employees, in which it analyses the practices and policies for the management of people and companies.

Telefónica was placed, for the fourth consecutive year, among the 20 best multinationals in the world to work for. Specifically, we stood in 14th place. It is a privilege and a challenge that inspires us to demonstrate on a daily basis that we are worthy of this award.

In Latin America Telefónica occupies an even higher position: eighth place in the ranking. 

  • ​'Best Companies for Leadership'

Telefónica also figures among the top 15 companies in the global ranking by Fortune magazine, 'Best Companies for Leadership'. This year, 2,100 organisations from 115 countries took part in the study.

  • Merco Report 

For another year, Telefónica has been selected among the most attractive companies for talent in Spain according to the Merco Report. Our Company features among the top 100 best companies to work for in Spain, occupying sixth position in the ranking, two places above the position we achieved last year. Moreover, we are the top company in the Telecommunications Sector and we are fifth in the overall ranking, if we compare ourselves to companies with over 15,000 employees, according to the data from the 9th Edition of the Business Study. 

The values that contributed to our obtaining this position once again are:

  • The quality of working at Telefónica (salary, professional development, motivation, recognition, relationship with middle management and conciliation).
  • The pride of belonging to a brand like Telefónica (image in society, attraction of talent, recommendation, business success and attractive sector).
  • Internal reputation of the Group.

To achieve this position, the opinions of many sectors of professional society were taken into account, such as: human resource managers, experts in talent management and headhunters, the general population, students in business schools, final year university students and, lastly, a comparative analysis of management policies (benchmarking).


At Telefónica we believe that the conciliation of personal, family and work life is essential for our employees' performance and, therefore, we have been committed to conciliation for 20 years. We believe that the transformation that our society has undergone in recent decades - the changing roles in the family environment and women's access to the labour market - provides an opportunity to make equal opportunities a fundamental part of the Company's labour strategy.

Among the numerous actions in terms of conciliation at Telefónica, we can highlight:

On a corporate level, with regard to workdays and schedules, a large percentage of the workforce work intensive shorter working days annually or in summer for the months of July and August, promoting the new forms of flexible work that new technologies have made possible.

Moreover, our employees enjoy flexibility in taking holidays and can align them with the school holidays.

Finally, among the work benefits, our employees enjoy childcare bonuses. At Distrito Telefónica (Spain), the Company headquarters with over 10,000 employees, there is also a crèche service for employees.

Likewise, we have a Committee for Equal Opportunities comprising Company and workers' representatives, that has the working aim of encouraging measures that favour the conciliation of work life with family and personal life.