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To maximise performance in the digital transformation we need to be able to count on the best team of professionals. Therefore, good management that fosters a deep involvement from the teams is essential, as is an understanding that every role is important in reaching goals.

Human resources 

At Telefónica we know that the key to our transformation and leadership is having the best team of professionals. As well as hiring the best profiles, we have developed a form of management that maximises their expertise and our results. This is achieved by involving the team in the Company's digital transformation, sharing principles about how to do things and understanding that everyone plays an important role in attaining the entire organisation's objective of achieving long-term success and sustainability.

To this end, people management in Telefónica is based on four fundamental pillars that support the strategic transformation programme, Be More:​  

1. have the best human resources

At the end of 2014, Telefónica had 123,700 employees, with an average age of 39, and fewer than 1% of whom were managers. The workforce has decreased (including E-Plus) by 2.4% compared with the previous year due to the drive for simplification and the organisation's efficiency. The aim is to maintain the innovative capacity of Telefónica in spite of the difficult environment surrounding the sector.

We have 101 different nationalities in the Telefónica Group's team of workers. Latin America continues to account for the largest percentage of the workforce.

Spain is the country that has the most employees, with 35,006, followed by Brazil with 20,567, Argentina with 17,238 and Germany with 11,015 (including E-Plus).

95% of the staff have permanent employment contracts, which shows our support for sustainable employment policies. In 2014 there were 77,051 employees with negotiated agreements (62.3% of the total), which shows an increase on 2013, when there were 76,987 employees.

38% of the workforce are women. Meanwhile, the number of managers in 2014 remained at 21% of the total, a figure that in the past four years has increased by over 1.5 percentage points.

In line with our commitment to conciliation with our workers, we are encouraging the formalisation of telework contracts, which in 2014 now amount to 7,048.

Total number of employees

2. Design a simpler organisation

At Telefónica, we have unified all the existing corporate centres of the Company. The new structure and model of governance introduced led to a reduction in the time needed to make decisions on global initiatives and projects, and also brought various local operations to the Company's decision centres.

3. Be More: Suitable company culture

In 2014 we have continued to focus our efforts on conveying to the entire organisation the need for transformation and therefore guaranteeing the commitment and alignment of employees to the global transformation programme, Be More. As a result of the above, over 78% of our employees are aware of the transformation programme and believe that it is driving the transformation of the Company. Meanwhile, the level of commitment increased for another year, reaching 79% (+1 p.p.).

4. Promoting talent

At Telefónica we continue to drive the transformation of the Company with the aim of advancing in the challenge of consolidating ourselves as a Digital Telco. Therefore, we are focusing on attracting and developing the desired leaders and professionals and maintaining high levels of commitment and energy throughout the team, as well as reinforcing the globalisation of Company management through three worldwide coordination hubs: Madrid, London and Sāo Paulo.

Turnover rate at Telefónica



Total 21.31 38.8
Voluntary 10.75 7.6

Note: The total turnover rate includes 9,473 departures that were administrative changes within Telefónica, corresponding to the movement of 6,057 employees from Telesp to Vivo in Brazil and 3,416 from the fixed to the mobile telephone company in Peru. Excluding this effect, the turnovexr totals 22.8%, very close to the 2013 rate.