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The time, talent and expertise of our employees are given to voluntary causes. Telefónica Volunteers is today one of the largest corporate volunteering initiatives in the world.

The Telefónica Volunteers programme inaugurated the volunteering online format this year, where the volunteer exclusively collaborates with organisations digitally, through a platform where Telefónica professionals donate their time, knowledge, talent and experience to social organisations, providing support to carry out various tasks related with, among other areas, the management of entities, marketing, communication, social networks and translations. Equally, this year has seen the creation of the Volunteering School, an online training platform to manage the knowledge and experience of the volunteers and the various social projects, as well as to answer all the training needs of the Telefónica Volunteers programme.

The Telefónica International Volunteering Day, celebrated on 10 October, is an initiative in which thousands of Company employees worldwide dedicate the day to voluntary activities. In 2014, 15,343 people participated, 11.5% more than in 2013.

Furthermore, Telefónica was the main player in the Latin American Congress on Corporate Volunteering, organised last May by Voluntare, Fundación Hazloposible and Red Forum Empresas, with the support of FundaciónTelefónica, Santander, Endesa and Repsol.

Today, Telefónica Volunteers is one of the largest corporate volunteering initiatives on the planet. In 2014, 27,810 Telefónica employees participated worldwide. In total they dedicated 212,484 hours to performing activities for social purposes.

The Telefónica Volunteers programme runs activities throughout the year, in Spain and in all the Latin American countries where the Company directly operates. The voluntary activities are based on two lines of work: the first arises from strategic plans proposed within Fundación Telefónica which employees undertake; the other is when the volunteers themselves propose voluntary projects that are developed in collaboration with an NGO and financed by the Foundation. In both instances, work is carried out in conjunction with Spanish and Latin American third sector organisations.


Every FundaciónTelefónica independently carries out its own corporate volunteering programme, catering to the features of each country and the specific needs of the local society. However, there are two large transnational events each year: the International Solidarity Holidays and the Telefónica International Volunteering Day.

Through the first event, since 2005 over 700 Telefónica employees from various European and Latin American countries have devoted part of their holidays to carrying out social activities related to supporting the most vulnerable children and young people. During July and August of 2014, 100 Telefónica volunteers supported Telefónica's voluntary work in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru.

This initiative also has a national version, Volunteering Holidays Spain, a project aimed at volunteer employees of the Telefónica Group companies in Spain, which encourages them to participate in summer camps and other singular initiatives that are organised by non-profit organisations working in the areas of disability, social inclusion and environmental protection. In 2014, 80 volunteers participated in 10 activities.

The other major common event is the Telefónica International Volunteering Day, which in 2014 convened 15,343 employees from 32 countries, who dedicated one working day (10 October) to volunteering, working with NGOs in various social areas (in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and the United Kingdom the event took place on other dates).

The launch of the Volunteering Online format opens the gateway to volunteering for workers as it is far more flexible in terms of availability and its virtual nature, and thus enables far more employees to fulfill their social commitment. NGOs from Spain and countries such as Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador and Peru already participate on the Volunteering Online platform, and others from the countries where the Telefónica Group is present will gradually be added to this list. This new project, due to its universal character, allows volunteers from any country to help NGOs with local problems.

The second innovative project is the Telefónica Volunteering School, a network training platform that enables Telefónica volunteers to learn more so that they can help more. Through this space, employees with volunteering concerns can share knowledge, access training resources and learn from the top experts in the areas of disability, social exclusion and the environment, among many others. On-site training is also given in specific areas subject to employee demand, which facilitates adapting the needs of the volunteers to the social reality of the NGO.

Undoubtedly, the showpiece that ended the year 2014 in the field of Telefónica corporate volunteering were the numerous Solidarity Meals that were held in various cities, in and outside Spain, which celebrated the classic company Christmas meal between colleagues differently, turning it into an event with a charitable purpose. At the Solidarity Meal in Madrid on 12 December, Ferran Adrià was the master of ceremonies. Thanks to the donations of those in attendance, 46,238 euros were collected in 2014 and FundaciónTelefónica doubled this amount to 92,476 euros, which have been shared between 31 non-governmental organisations.