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Disability and dependence

At Telefónica, we believe that digital and mobile services can play a key role in developing solutions which make the lives of people with disabilities, dependants and those with chronic illness, easier.

Access to technology is the key to improving the lives of certain people who make up a great segment of the world's population. To be more specific, the worldwide community of people with disabilities and their families is made up of over one billion people, for whom mobile technology is a tool which can facilitate access to the online world and to solutions which can make their lives easier.

Our approach to management means including disability and the concept of 'Design for All' in the Company's value chain.

'Design for All' seeks to ensure that environments, products, services and systems can be used by as many people as possible. It is a model based on human diversity, social inclusion and equality.

In order to develop products and services which target people with disabilities and dependants, the Telefónica Group has sought the participation and opinion of people with disabilities themselves, and has established different agreements with related associations and organisations. This is how Telefónica Accesible was formed: through a range of actions, projects, products and services which had been previously approved by the very community for which they are intended.

Global Millenial Survey 2014

  • 69% of people think that those with disabilities have difficulty in accessing resources and tools that could improve their lives.
  • The majority of respondents are influenced by the way a company treats people with disabilities when it comes to deciding whether to buy their products and services or work for it.
  • The majority (62%) believes that new technology and the government are the keys to improving the lives of people with disabilities.

 Market Research

Our management approach​

Develop market studies and specific use cases, and incorporate user experiences into processes.

Actions, products and services

At the 2014 Mobile World Congress, Telefónica presented 'Accessibility for the Disabled in the Increasingly Mobile World: The Untapped Billion', produced by Chris Lewis, an analyst in the telecommunications sector. In this study, the author develops an analysis of the great opportunity that the digital age represents, both for people with disabilities and their inclusion in society, and for the market, since it is estimated that the needs of this community and their families represent 5.8 billion euros. 


Our management approach​

To enhance the development of new and accessible services and solutions based on the concept of 'Design for All'.

Actions, products and services

Radio Me is a device that easily connects the elderly and the non-technologically literate with their families and friends via messaging networks such as WhatsApp or Line, without the need to know how to use a smartphone. It is a patented product whose prototype is currently under development.


Our management approach​

To incorporate 'Accessibility' and 'Design for All' criteria in the process and to facilitate the development of specific services.

Actions, products and services

  • App 112 accesible is an application for smartphones which makes fast, easy and intuitive communication possible for people with hearing impairments using the 112 emergency services hotline in Catalonia.
  • Te Acompaña is a mobile telecare service set for use both at home and outside the home, which offers users safety in emergency situations, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, it offers features such as fall detection, geolocation and linking with safe areas.
  • Whatscine is a service that enables people with hearing and visual impairments to enjoy the experience of going to the cinema. Telefónica Studios uses this technology in their film projections. By the end of 2014, Telefónica Studios had projected 17 films in commercial cinemas.
  • Digital Reception, for Ilunion Hotels. Will enable you to perform check-in and check-out operations in hotels by means of a kiosk which incorporates technical aids such as touch screen, screen reader, signs in braille and high relief, LED indicators, headphone jack, and screens located at the right height for wheelchair users. It has already been tested with different user profiles and is now in the second phase of testing.

 Segmentation of markets​

Our management approach​

To develop targeted marketing campaigns aimed at people with disabilities.

Actions, products and services​

Accessible Advertising​

Telefónica's advertising teams are developing campaigns with accessible formats. On 3 December 2014, coinciding with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Movistar launched its first accessible Christmas campaign on television.

This announcement marks the beginning of an ongoing commitment and collaborative effort on the part of Telefónica to continue carrying out communications and advertising campaigns which are accessible to all.

 Customer service​

Our management approach​

To include the concept of accessibility in our customer service channels (call centres, web pages and shops).

Actions, products and services​

Movistar's accessible catalogue terminals are available by calling 1004 and in some of its own shops. In addition, employees of the Madrid and Barcelona flagship stores have been specifically trained to serve people with disabilities.