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Interaction with our stakeholders

The relationship, both direct and indirect, with stakeholders, including customers and employees, is increasingly important for the Company, as it enables key topics to be identified in order to achieve both our sustainability objectives and our commitment to business success.

Value creation for all those involved in the operation of the business is essential for establishing common objectives and handling complex problems that directly or indirectly affect our Company. The relationship and ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders enables us to identify key topics to be addressed in order to meet the Company's sustainability objectives, at the same time as responding to the commitment to the business success that we have achieved with our shareholders.

Our stakeholders

All of our sustainability projects are founded upon a common base: detecting the topics that most concern our stakeholders or interest groups. To keep abreast of these needs, we have established channels of communication through which we share all topics related to sustainability with these stakeholders.

We actively collaborate with various specialised stakeholders to improve this exchange, including customers, governmental bodies, numerous NGOs, academics and scientists, employees, consumers and investors, among others. This ongoing activity helps us to identify the importance and impact of the needs of each group and allows us to look for targeted and positive results.

External relationships

Telefónica also participates in numerous external initiatives that we consider strategic in terms of social responsibility related to new technologies. We want to be part of the most important debates about the roles that a company such as ours can play on a sectoral, global and local scale, in the development of projects or in any other kind of membership. We achieve this through varying forms of participation, be they adhering to declarations of principles written by external bodies, supporting causes that we believe in or participating in the governing bodies of agencies and entities that promote these values.

Online interaction

New technologies have provided us with a multitud of tools that can be included under the headings 'Employees 2.0' and 'Social networks' and which facilitate interaction with all our stakeholders.


In April 2014, Telefónica Deutschland organised a multi-stakeholder dialogue gathering in Berlin, under the slogan: 'Smart World - All smart, everything better?'. The main aim of the event was to encourage dialogue on data privacy and discuss opportunities, challenges and innovation in this field, with representatives from associations, startups and political figures.

Topics that have provoked most interest on our website

  • Energy efficiency
  • Social innovation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Disability
  • Digital inclusion
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Climate change
  • ICT for children
  • eHealth


Telefónica employees have access to the website Telefónica and Communication 2.0, where the responsible use of social media channels is promoted through recommendations for action, an online course and the Company policy for social networks.

This has been expressed through an internal network, Yammer, which currently has over 77,000 employees registered and an average of 2,000 professionals joining monthly. At the close of this Report, Yammer had over 400 active communities of interest in the main network (Global Network).

Currently all the global channels of internal communication in Telefónica are bidirectional and gather the opinions and assessments of the professionals. In 2014, the most viewed articles in the online daily bulletin were those related to benefits for employees (offers, raffles, grants, etc.) and the organisation and results of the Company. The most viewed articles in the online corporate magazine were related to Telefónica's strategy for becoming a Digital Telco. 

Knowledge transfer in Telefónica is supported on eKISS, a platform with over 63,883 documents and 96,637 views in 2014. The online portal has also offered various conferences, which have registered 6,417 visits.

Social Networks

Building on these platforms, we have a social media ecosystem comprised of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+ channels, as well as RConversa, a digital dialogue platform on which we encourage discussion forums with different stakeholders. 

Throughout 2014, the Twitter channel @RCySost continued its rise as a reference channel in terms of corporate responsibility and sustainability on a global level. Currently it is part of the SustMeme CSR & Business social media ranking, which analyses the 500 most influential users worldwide in these topics. Furthermore, it also has a prominent position in the TOP250 RSE ranking, which focuses on the Spanish speaking community.